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Brasserie Boheme was Calling me by Name

This is about my recent excursion to a new Restaurant in the House of Queens’ neighborhood.   I’m talking about Brasserie Boheme – a restaurant by the people who brought us the Gustavian in Cebu.

So why do I have such a title?  Two things which actually feeds my vanity more than anything else.  They have a dish with the same name as me – Steak Charlemagne.  I know it was not named after me and it’s named after the great emperor who is also my namesake.  Added to that – the waiter is Lord – which is my nickname.  So you can actually say that I did feel that it was as if the restaurant was calling to me by Name.

What you want to know is if the food is any good.  This is what I will say – for 390 pesos – the food is good enough.

Here is my review of the dishes we ordered:

Brasserie Boheme

1.  Prawn Chowder – too salty.
2.  Beef Steak ala Greta Garbo – good.  You would not want to leave this dish alone.
3.  Creme Brulee – it tasted like Creme Brulee but it had the consistency of cheesecake.

Brasserie Boheme1

4.  House Salad – Refreshing.
5.  Amparito Sole – A must try.  I think it’s actually better than the Beef Steak.
6.  Strawberries and Cream – Like the House Salad.  Refreshing – but then again – I don’t think anybody can get this wrong.

I did try their house red wine.  It did go well with the Beef Steak.  For 150 pesos – that ain’t bad at all.

So I’m actually giving the experience a mixed review.  We tried their winter menu – and I’m just going to assume that they will change their menu come spring.  I will try it again next season.   The question of course is – will the next season’s menu hit a home run or will it strike out?
Blogger’s note: You can find Brasserie Boheme in the new serviced apartment Picasa.  The hotel is along Leviste st. in Salcedo Village which is a stone's throw away from where the weekend market is.

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