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Dine Like the Queen


Dining in Le Normandie, the premiere restaurant at Bangkok's Mandarin Oriental, is an excursion that every Filipino Foodie must experience.  The restaurant regularly showcases Chefs who have been given the most coveted 3-Star Michelin rating.

The Dining experience in Le Normandie definitely exudes luxury and exclusivity.  This is not surprising considering that we have been told that one of its regular patrons is the queen of Thailand.  To get to the restaurant,  one must ride a private elevator away from the regular entrance of the other Hotel guests and patrons.   The view of the Chao Phraya river is enchanting especially in the evening when one witnesses the charmingly lit ferries which serves as shuttles for the hotel guests.

Fine Dining is not just about how good the food tastes.  It should also provide a wonderful experience for all the senses.  The food must be pretty,  the waiters attentive,  and one must be able to carry a decent and relaxed conversation with your company as one dines.   Le Normandie definitely exceeded all of my expectations.

Some notes for people who would like to dine like the queen: Reservation is a must.  Gentlemen must wear dinner jackets.   You should also be prepared to spend around 200 USD per person for dinner.  Believe me though when I say that it's money well spent.

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