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Home Movies – Jump Midori! Jump!

In this post, I share a very simple YouTube video that we shot in the house.  It shows  Midori being trained to twirl by my best friend and myself.

If you were born in the 70s like me, you would have memories of your family and relatives getting together in your living room to view your most recent home movies.  The movies were crude and at times causes nausea as all movements of the camera are captured and not edited out.

Today – making home movies has been made extremely simple with the tools of the new millennium.  A lot of phones can take videos.  Point and shoot cameras can also take videos.  The best part of it all is that they are stored as digital files which can be easily edited via software like Windows Live Movie Maker.

Of course – the most important technology of all is YouTube.  This site has definitely provided the venue for regular people like us to show other people our Home Movies. 

I hope you enjoy the video.  if you need some tips on how we completed this video,  feel free to post a comment and we’d reach out to you and give you our tips.   We’re not experts but we have done it before – so we’ll share as much as we can with you.

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