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OMG Moment – I Need Reading Glasses


I was seven when I first started wearing glasses.    I stopped wearing them when I was in second year college.  So for close to twelve years in my life,  the glasses were permanent fixtures on my face.

As a kid, wearing glasses made me look cute --- but as I transitioned into high school – it just brought out the geek that I really am.   Today I continue to wear contact lenses and I still have apprehensions over getting LASIK surgery. 

Today, I just had my eyes checked because I have some trouble reading signs while I drive – especially at night.  It wasn’t much of a surprise to hear that the prescription on one of my eyes had to be adjusted to fix my near-sightedness.  However,  I discovered that I also have trouble reading items up close.  This of course is usually experienced by people when they reach their 40s.  I’m still in my mid-30s.

This is a big OMG moment.   Reading glasses are a sign of old age.   I have to face one of the fears of getting old.  I now have to wear bifocals.  I was actually happy to hear though that technology has progressed in the eye-glass making industry and they are no longer bifocals and are now called progressive lenses. 

So what does a guy like me do when he is reminded of his age?  There’s nothing better than to dig up the childhood pictures and share it to the world. 


  1. I use varionet glasses ( they're perfect for anyone who has bad near or intermediate vision. You have to invest a little more than your local drugstore reading glasses but the quality is so much better and they have a really wide range of styles which is great

  2. Maxine. Thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for providing the tip on Varionet Glasses. I will definitely ask my doctor about them.