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Penang Acar

Traveling around Asia, I came to discover that the pickled onion that I eat with Indian dishes is called Acar (pronounced Achar ).  This of course reminded me of the Filipino side dish Atsara.  For the Filipinos,  Atsara is best served with grilled and fried dishes and is almost always made with pickled Papaya.  When I discovered Acar, that’s when I realized that Acar in Indian, and later on I found out even in Malay, refers to pickled vegetables or fruits.
In this particular post, I am showcasing one of my favorite Acars – the Penang Acar.  This is a Malay dish which my friend and I discovered when we were looking for an alternative vegetable dish that we can try.  It’s a great dish and I encourage you to try it.   Click on the picture for the recipe courtesy of Pickles and Spices World

Just for kicks – you may also want to try our own version in the House of Queens.   Mix in some peanut sauce or peanut butter into the recipe.  The pickle and peanut taste blend well.  Like any Malay dish – make sure you adjust how much chili you put in the dish.  I personally like my dishes spicy.


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