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Am I Elphaba, Glinda, or Nessarose

Recently, the song "Defying Gravity" had been playing constantly on the Radio. I knew of the song in the past and I liked it the first time that I heard it but with the constant playing - it just got me itching to listen to the whole soundtrack. Of course - this itch lead to me watching a recorded performance of the actual play.

As I watched the play - I can't help but ask myself the question - who among the three women in the story can I relate to the most?

Am I Elphaba? She is the smart and talented heroine of the story who turned out to be the most misunderstood character in the world. She grew up being despised by the people around her because of her appearance - but in the end - the tragedy in the story was brought about by the story that was spun by the villains of the story. And should I mention - that she ends up being with the cute guy?

Or am I Glinda? The popular girl - whose worst trait is that of being vain. And as much as she may not be the most talented witch - she had a golden heart and turned out to be the only real friend to Elphaba. She has pined for the cute guy - but loses him to the Green Skinned Girl. She realizes that no amount of popularity or congeniality can get her the man she loves.

Or am I Nessarose? Among the three - I fear being seen as this character. In the original book on the Wizard of Oz - and even in the Wicked Series and Musical - she ends up as a footnote in the story. She is the sister who develops the character of the heroine - and yet she ends up a weakling who dies because of the tragedy of a house falling on her.

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