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Ancient City in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok is a popular tourist destination for Filipinos. For Regina and I, Bangkok was the first city outside of the Philippines that we have chosen to visit almost four years ago. During our first visit, we allocated a whole week. This was a good decision given the fact that with the numerous sites, we actually needed some time to take a nap in the afternoon to ensure that we can still do activities at night.

This time, Regina and I spent less time in Bangkok. We were done with the temple tours so we looked for other things to do. One of the destinations that Regina found on the internet is a place called “The Ancient City”. For Filipinos – this is very similar to our “Nayong Filipino”. The different tourist sites around Bangkok are recreated in the compound.

Day 2 in Bangkok was spent in the Ancient City. we rented a golf cart to allow us to tour the whole place. Prior to the trip we were actually thinking of riding a bike around the compound. We’re happy that we decided against that. It was way too big and the humidity would have made us give up in the first 15 minutes if we decided to rent the bike.

The highlight of the tour is seeing the recreation of Ayuthaya. We saw the ruins of Ayuthaya during our previous visit and seeing this recreation of the royal gardens and one of the ballrooms was just magnificent.

Here are some of the photos from the tour.

Ancient City

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