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Best Sisig is from O'Sonho

OSonhoOne weekend, I found myself craving for Sisig.  Regina recommended a place which she has read about.  It's a restaurant which serves Portuguese cuisine but apparently they serve pretty good Sisig.   So we checked out the restaurant along Jupiter street.  The place is called O'Sonho.

We found the place and was a bit ticked off that parking is a problem because they only have two slots allotted for the restaurant. This meant that even if there were vacant slots for the other restaurants in the building, we would have to park across the street.  We ended up being lucky because a customer was leaving and I didn't have to rant on and on about the parking situation.

Once inside - I found that the interiors don't really leave a good or bad impression. It was blah but that's ok because the food as it turned out was really good. We ordered gambas, sisig, lamb and iced tea. We both loved the gambas and adored the sisig. Regina found the iced tea with a hint of peppermint refreshing. I thought that the iced tea had a weird after taste. Regina  liked the lamb dish but thought it was too much. I know I already mentioned the sisig was great but it's really worth mentioning it again. I loooove the sisig.

For dessert, they had mango flavored Sans Rival. This was also good.

I am looking forward to our next visit and I strongly recommend the restaurant to everyone.

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