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Boracay Sailing - The Paraw Ride


Every time I visit Boracay, I take a Paraw Ride around the island.  I don't use the motorized boats because it's noisy and the fumes are just horrible.  With the Paraw,  you rely on wind power so there's no noise and there are no fumes.  You can hire a paraw for 700 to 1,000 pesos per hour.  Rates can go lower if you are a better negotiator than I am.

Things to do while you are on the Paraw. 

1) Lounge under the Sun.  This is how I get my tan ( to be more accurate - How I intensify my tan ).   This can only be done when the waves are not high - otherwise you might fall off the boat.   Waters are mild in the Summer months when winds are not that strong.

2) Get to the snorkeling sites.   You can ask the boatman to take you to the snorkeling site close to the Crocodile island.

3) Take a trip around the island.   This is how I was able to see Shangri-La while it was still under construction.  This is also how I saw the property that Manny Pacquiao bought.

4) Get a good adrenaline rush.  When waters are rough and waves are high -- it's like a scary Roller coaster ride.  This is usually the case in the windy months of December and January.

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