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Boracay View on Top of Mt. Luho

All Terrain Vehicle

I have been to Boracay so many times that when we decided to spend our New Year break on the island,   I told my friends that we better try new things. You know, activities other than lounging by the beach during the day and getting drunk at night.  As we all know – for tourists like us, there is no shortage of the “manongs” ready to hook you up with touris activities.  So as long as you are willing to spend money - they will give you a menu of items that you can add to your memories while in the party Island of the Philippines.

We decided to try the All Terrain Bikes.   We thought it was cool to see the island from the highest point.  The locals call it Mt. Luho.  The truth is I don’t think it qualifies to be called a Mountain.  It’s a hill at best.  You can rent the bike for 700 per hour.  It was fun – but you need to make sure you drive cautiously – there were several instances when we thought we were going to drive off the cliff for driving too fast and not looking where we were going.

Definitely something to try the next time you are  in Boracay. 

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  1. This is one of my favorite spot in the island. This is where you can see the island as a whole.