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Fun Pictures from the HTC Hero

I just bought a new phone last weekend.  I bought the HTC Hero which was awarded the best phone in the recently concluded Telecommunications fair in Barcelona Spain.   I think it's an award that is well deserved.

When I bought the phone - I had high hopes for its technical capabilities.  Most of those expectations were actually exceeded.  I have some gripes but nothing that actually makes me regret buying it.   The only real issue that I have with it though is the fact that it's camera doesn't have a flash.   This means that for poor lighting conditions,  I can't rely on the camera to give me a decent picture.

I was however pleasantly surprised that the Android Market actually has interesting programs that makes the Picture Taking experience a joy on the HTC Hero.  My favorite as of the moment is FXCamera.   The pictures that I took are actually comparable to the pictures that we take from our Lomo cameras.   So I guess - I have minimized that concern that I have on the less than excellent camera of the phone.   I am sharing the shots that I took using FXCamera.

FxCam_1266450604063 FxCam_1266450486069 FxCam_1266450536498
Description from Left to Right (Regular, Polaroid, Fish eye)

FxCam_1266450459993 FxCam_1266450508776 FxCam_1266450580040

Description from Left to Right (Warhol, Toy Camera, Symmetrical)

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