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I Swear! I didn’t Eat a Cockroach


I had to rush Midori to the Vet at 5:00 AM today.  At 3:00 AM,  I recognized that she wasn’t her usual self.  Minutes after that she pooped inside the house --- something that she has not done in the last year.  Then she started throwing up.   After observing her condition for another hour,  I decided to take her to Animal House at Jupiter st.   I’m really thankful that we now have Animal hospitals such as Animal house which are open 24 hours a day.

The vet did some blood tests on Midori just to rule out any infection.  However,  he already suspected that the cause was dietary --- Midori must have ingested something with high bacterial content.  This caused her to get an upset stomach.  His example:  a cockroach.    We did take a walk at 2:00 AM,   which may mean that she could have grabbed something while we were walking.

She’s ok now,  although she’s still taking some electrolytes to replace the lost fluids.  She’s very calm and subdued which is nice to see --- but of course --- I miss her naughty side ( which I hope will come back tonight ).

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