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Midori - The Chewaholic

Blogger's Note: I spoke about Midori's previous blogs. Here is one of them. This was written prior to being sent to boarding school. She is now a recovering Chewaholic after going through the 12 steps program.

OneI'm Midori ... and I'm a Chewaholic. I chew on every type of material possible ... rubber, plastic ( hard or soft ), wood, metal. I can't stop myself ... my Daddy has to stop me. So he learned that he has to watch me like a hawk. That's actually why he hired a Nanny because when he's asleep during  the day he wants someone to watch over me. We both learned that I can't be cooped up inside my house all day because I get bored and I end up being noisy.   So the alternative was to let me roam around the house supervised.  So  Nanny is there to make sure I don't get into trouble.

These are the things that I destroyed as a Chewaholic:

Two1. The sofa. One Sunday afternoon ... Daddy left, when he came back - there was a hole in the sofa. Actually I remember doing that in my Grandparents house as well ... and I remember not seeing Grandma and Grandpa for a month. I heard they were very upset.

2. The kitchen counters. I didn't know my own strength --- I was able to get the boards pulled out and removed.

3. The mirrors have scratches. The China cabinet has scratches. The dining table and chairs have scratches.

4. And of course - there was one magical day when they left the door of the bedroom open. I chewed on a lot of shoes and slippers that day.


I'm Midori ... I'm a recovering chewaholic.  It's been 2 days since I last destroyed something in the house.  I thought they said I'd get over this after my first year but I'm already turning two in a couple of weeks and I still can't get over it.

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