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Midori is a Snoop

IMGP2254It is common occurrence in the House of Queens for us to run after Midori my beagle whenever she grabs onto something.  This can be the remote control, a pair of slippers, the newspaper,  the latest electricity bill and a lot more.  It’s a game that she likes playing and even though she loses every time; she enjoys doing it.

The other day, it was the same scene,  she went inside her Nanny’s room and came out with a piece of paper.  This time, she actually stopped right in front of me as if to say,  take a look at this.  So I got hold of the crumpled piece of paper from her mouth.  Written on 23072008293the piece of paper are the months of January through August with amounts across it which corresponds to the Nanny's salary.   Midori then ran into the room again and came out with another piece of paper.  This time,  the months started in December and again ends in August.   Everything was the same except that this time,  written across the words December: Nabuntis ako ( I got pregnant).  I wasn’t shocked since it confirmed my suspicion that the maid is pregnant.   I gave Midori a good rubbing of her tummy and some treats as a reward for being a good snoop.  I wonder if Snoopy was named as such because beagles are good snoops.

I have not had my talk with the Nanny.  I have not made a decision on what to do.   She had been a good Nanny and all around maid.  Moreover,  I’m sure Midori will miss her when she gives birth and leaves.  For now,  I have at least 4 more months to mull over it.l

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