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Midori was in Boarding School

IMGP2134 Growing up,  Midori proved to be too difficult to deal with.  I know that I made some very bad decisions when we took her in that lead to her unruly behavior.  This included leaving her alone in the house – outside of her crate – while we slept during the day.   This is why we realized we needed professional help.  So a few weeks before she turned one,  we decided to send her to Boarding School.  She went to Rak K-9 Training Academy which is run by Gio Marcelo.  For those who frequent dog friendly places like Bonifacio High Street and Tiendesitas, you may have seen him with his dog Raki, a Belgian Malinois.

Training was for three to four weeks and Midori had to stay with Gio all through the training period.  On the third week, Gio assesses the progress of the dog and checks if it can graduate from the training class.   I’m so proud of Midori because she did graduate in three weeks.  After training, it was as if she was a different dog.

It’s been a year since she went to Boarding School and whenever we are in public,  we are actually approached by strangers telling us that they’re amazed at how obedient MIdori is.  Of course, most of those who approach us are Beagle owners who have similar experiences with their own Beagles.  They are high energy dogs and without the proper training – they can really be a handful.

I am attaching a link to the RAK K-9 Training Academy site in case you are interested in getting your dog trained.  They are not cheap --- but it’s worth it.  When Midori attended the school we paid 15,000 pesos for it.   However, I can definitely say that it’s worth it.  When you have an obedient dog,  your relationship with it just develops to its full potential.  They are no longer just pets --- they can actually be companions.

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Basic Obedience Commands after training:(from Left to Right):  Sit, Heel Walking, Down Stay.

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