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Most Romantic Hideaway in Boracay

Hotel Nami is perfect for that romantic weekend far from the crowd of the Metro.  It's located at Diniwid beach away from all the other resorts of White Beach.  For added privacy, you can even have their private boat take you from the airport straight to the hotel skipping the pier altogether. It showcases rooms with the view of the beautiful waters that Boracay is famous for.     The rooms have a Jacuzzi which is strategically located at the balcony so guests can relax while looking out at the awesome view of the cove.

Instead of talking about the whole experience,  I thought of just sharing photos of our last visit to Hotel Nami. 





Room rates start at 150 USD/night.


  1. Lovely photos. I'm just curious what is the darken in the ocean near in white sand???

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. Tanya.

    Thank you for visiting the site and for your comment.

    That dark area near the sand I believe are corals. However - I can't confirm because I didn't do much swimming in these parts. But your question does inspire me to pack up my bags at this moment and fly to Boracay to find the answer.


  3. I really wanted to go there! Can you refer me to an Affordable Boracay Houses?

    1. Keith - not sure what your budget is. But this is what I have seen from my visits to Boracay --- you can find the cheapest accommodations by going there and looking for them. They are not available via internet booking --- most of them don't even have phone numbers.

      So - I suggest that you book a place over or agoda for maybe a couple of days --- then look for a different house/hotel that you can transfer to while you're already in the island.