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Remembering EDSA I


I was a 6th Grader and it was our graduation year.  There were definitely apprehensions over the event that has transpired on that year which made us question whether there will ever be a graduation that year.  My family lived in San Pablo City since my Father was a Medical Representative for a Pharmaceutical company - San Pablo was one of his areas to cover which is why I spent all of my elementary days in San Pablo City.

On the eve of the 24th,  the nuns in our school Canossa College called off classes so they can join everyone else in EDSA.  They never got to go since the Marcoses left that evening ending the week-long event at Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo.

After that, Cory Aquino was re-confirmed as the president of the Philippines.  The debates between the Marcos and Cory supporters continued.  We did graduate and after graduation,  my family moved back to Manila.   I studied at Manila Science High School (for which a petition was recently filed to have its name changed to Corazon Aquino High School.).   High School was also eventful with the Coup d'etat staged against the Aquino administration but in the end,  we also graduated from High School.

Last year,  Corazon Aquino died and the yellow fever (which started after her beloved husband, Ninoy Aquino was assasinated) was revived.  I was one of the millions of people who grieved for this loss.   It brought back memories of that glorious days of EDSA I - when I was still a child and had the optimism of a child.

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