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The River Runs Through It

On our first visit to Thailand we didn’t have time to check out the floating market. We just didn’t have time since we were fully booked with all the temple tours and Ayuthaya.   We thought that it would not be our last trip to Thailand so we can just go to the floating market on our next trip. This year, we did get to visit Thailand again and we made sure that we booked a tour to the floating market.

The whole scene in the market is not different from any market scenes. The place was crowded and it was full of merchandise and hawkers trying to get the attention of the tourists who come in droves. However all of these take place on boats that ply through a small river. I thought that it would be interesting to share this with you through a video. Take note that the footage were all shot using my N97. I would say that for an amateur video – the phone delivers good shots.

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