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This Queen Went to Market


Sunday is Market day for us.  We go to different locations depending on what time we are awake.  If we are awake really early – we go to Landmark at the Ayala Center.  It opens at 8:30 AM everyday.  If we end up sleeping through Sunday and wake up late in the afternoon,  we go to SM Hypermart next to TIendesitas in Taguig.  They are open till 11:00 PM.

Today, we planned to go to Landmark which is a typical Sunday for us.  However – after parking and walking towards the entrance of the Supermarket,  we were told by the Security guards that we can’t go through that tiny strip between Glorietta 3 and Landmark because the security team of Ayala center is performing a drill.   We were asked to go around to the other side --- and when we reached that side,  we found that the entrance there is also closed.

Our conversation with the Marshall was a bit of a comedy.  we asked him: “How do we get to the Supermarket?”. 

He said – “go through the entrance.” 

“But the entrance is through this street that you have closed.   So the Supermarket is closed?”  we asked.

“It’s open.”  he replied.

Realizing that we won’t get anywhere with this conversation with an idiot – we decided to just go to Rustan’s at Glorietta ( which is open at 9:00 AM.   Leaving the drill scene – it makes us wonder if it was really a drill or there was another bomb threat in the Ayala Center.  Moreover --- if there was indeed a situation at the center --- will we have to rely on such idiots for our safety?

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