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Am I Daniel, Adam or Blaine

I discovered Timothy James Beck one day while looking for a new book to read.  I was at the Sci-Fi section of National Bookstore and I found an odd book that seems to be misplaced.  It was Timothy James Beck’s first book: It Had To Be You.  I enjoyed it thoroughly because it is the first real gay romance story I have read.  I have read other is in the past but they always turn out to be gay porn disguised as a gay novel.  In contrast, It Had to be You fleshed out it’s characters – every one of them – even it’s setting which is the City of New York was a fully developed character.

Soon enough, I googled the author and found two more book which turn out to be some type of continuation of the first book.  The second book is: He’s The One.  The third book is: I’m Your Man.

Last weekend, I revisited all of three stories.  This time, I asked myself – who among the three characters can I closely be associated with?

Am I Daniel, the actor?

Am I Adam, the geek?

Or Am I Blaine, the businessman?

In the end, I realize that I’m all three of them – and maybe that’s why I liked the series so much.

I found out that, Timothy James Beck has come up with a new chapter to the series: When You Don’t See Me.  I can’t wait to read it.

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