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Baguio – Been There Done That

My family is in Baguio for their annual summer outing.  I am unable to join them because I can’t get away from the office – especially since I already have two long vacations lined up for the year.

I actually wasn’t able to visit Baguio till I was 30.  It really just wasn’t a place which my family and I have planned to visit while I was growing up.  In total – I’ve been to Baguio twice.

The last time we were there, we just egged Regina to plan that trip since she was already stationed in Angeles.  On that trip,  the most memorable experience is that of getting into an accident while driving back to Angeles from Baguio.   Nobody was hurt,  but it did give me a major scare. Up to now,  driving along Macarthur Highway is still something that I would rather not do.  That is why I’m happy to hear that there are now first class buses in which you can comfortably sleep while you travel ( and it has its own bathroom inside the bus – which is important for someone like me who has a bladder the size of a pea ).

Here are our photos from one of the relatively newer attractions in Baguio: The Tamaw-an village and Arko ni Apo.