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The Boracay Sunset

For Filipinos, the best time for lounging by the beach is at sunset.  With the sun about to say good bye for the day,  we don’t have to worry about its harmful rays.  As a nation we have always thought that fairer skin is beautiful.  I used to believe in that until I actually went to the US and everyone in that part of the world had the opposite opinion. 

If you have been visiting Boracay regularly,  you will notice that this time of day brings out crazy looking cameras.  If you are not into water sports,  one of the things you can definitely do is to take pictures of the Boracay sunset.  These pictures were mostly taken using mobile phone cameras.  Others were taken using a point and shoot camera.  I wonder how SLR camera pictures look like?  But with such a fantastic view --- I’m not sure you need high-tech gadgets to capture it on film.

Boracay 2008

Boracay 2009

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