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Brazo de Mercedes @ The Terrace


My friends know that I have a sweet tooth.  I live for all the desserts and delicacies that my mom has prepared for us while we were growing up.  One of my favorite desserts is the Brazo de Mercedes.  I can actually finish a whole roll.  Eating the Brazo de Mercedes is a process that can be likened to how we eat the Oreo.  Do you start with the Meringue?  Or would you start with the creme-yema filling?  I actually prefer starting with the Meringue and ending with the filling.

Last weekend, when we dined @ the Terrace, I was debating over getting the Brazo de Mercedes or the Panna Coffee.  If I had not finished a slice of Brazo de Mercedes the day before, this would not be such a difficult choice to make.  In the end, I thought that trying out a new way of preparing one of my favorite desserts is an opportunity that can not be passed up.  The menu said – Frozen Brazo de Mercedes.  Writing about it just now – makes me want to call the restaurant to ask them if they are open at this ungodly hour ( almost midnight ) so I can order the dessert.

What makes the dessert special?  Everything about the dessert is well thought of.  Of course, one can argue that you can’t go wrong with this dessert.  I beg to disagree because I’ve seen preparations wherein the meringue was mushy and the creme-yema filling is too sweet.  At the Terrace, they had the right consistency.   As an added bonus to the meringue and creme-yema,  they actually layered it on top of a frozen cake ( or Ice cream – depending on how you actually see it ).  The shaved orange zest on top leaves a really refreshing taste to the dessert which I just loved.


This is the third and last entry on our dining experience at the Terrace @ 5th.  I encourage everyone to try the restaurant.  Before I conclude – I would also like to indicate that the service is impeccable.  I was telling Regina that I actually like restaurants where the waiter actually waits and observes if you are ready for your next course and asks you about it – instead of delivering them all at once.

I said it in my previous entry – and I will say it again – I am coming back soon so I can try the other dishes --- or maybe I can order the same dishes --- I think I’m hooked.