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Breakfast X Two

Sunday – 7 March was going to be busy.  Our usual Grocery chores had to be done and I have to go to my cousin’s cremation rites in the afternoon.  On top of the hectic schedule, I had colds which could not be stopped by Cold Ease.  This means that I have to be in tip-top shape if I had any hopes of surviving the day decently.  This of course meant that I have to eat breakfast – and on this day I had two very good breakfasts.

Breakfast Number one - Starbucks

Iced Caramel Macchiato plus Ham and Four Cheese Panini


I have special instructions for my Caramel Macchiato – the Caramel Drizzle needs to sit at the bottom of the cup.  I noticed that when they place the caramel drizzle on top, the syrup ends up sticking to cup cover.

As for the Ham and Four Cheese Panini.  I urge you to try this. 

Breakfast Number two – Cafe Breton

Salad Plus Tarzan Crepe Plus Calamansi Slush


This is the first time that I tried Cafe Breton’s salad.  It’s good – you should try it.  Of course a visit to Cafe Breton is not complete without the crepes.  This time I tried Tarzan which is a simple crepes made of Banana and Condensed milk.  BTW – I know that it’s too late to get ones vitamin C once you have caught the cold – but I still  had one because it’s simply refreshing.

I’m happy I had two breakfasts – as it turned out,  I had a very long day.

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