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Go. Go. Gadgets

I’m a gadget geek.  During my free time, I prowl the net for the latest gadgets that I can find.  I don’t always buy them but when I find one which I can’t get out of my mind,  I spend sleepless nights imagining and longing for the day when my gadget and I can be together.
Of course – like any gadget geek, the honeymoon period doesn’t last long.  The good news is through thick and thin,  I do stick with the gadget – even if I have to commit gadget bigamy and romance them all at the same time.


My gadgets ( Clockwise from Top ): Acer Ferrari One 200, Nokia N97, Nokia BH-503, HTC Hero.
Not in this picture is my iPod touch which at the time this picture was taken is being used by my best friend who is addicted to the iPod Touch/iPhone version of  Plants vs. Zombies.

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