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Hiding in Plain Sight

There are many things that can contribute to clutter.  In the House of Queens keys ( house and car ), office badges and various brochures, fliers and bills spread around the house contribute to a cluttered look.

To solve this problem on clutter,  we have two fixtures in the House of Queens that keep these in one place.  One of them is a candle holder that we got from Regalong Pambahay.  We used to hang it at our old house’s Veranda.  In the new house,  we hung it by the door, and use it as a place to deposit our keys and Company badges.

The other item is a magazine holder which was part of the decor that came with the house we are renting.  Beside the candle holder, we hung the magazine holder and use it to deposit our bills, receipts and our compilation of Dial-up numbers for restaurants

With these two simple but decorative solutions,  we know where to find the keys that were always misplaced previously.  Moreover – looking for the delivery number of the different restaurants are now easy to spot.

How about you?  Do you have any solutions for eliminating clutter in your house?

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