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If Tongues are Made for Talking


We all know that our Tongues are an important part of our anatomy.  They are used in our speech --- and how we use it actually has a significant effect on how we speak.  We can roll it and form really distinct R sounds ( which we Filipinos are used to ) or we can soften it and make the R sounds implied ( as is the case in some English Dialects ).  However – I’m not a linguist and I can’t take that discussion further.  This post is not about speech.  It’s about one of my “comfort” restaurants: Talking Tongues.   We discovered this restaurant when we moved to the New House of Queens.   It’s an Indonesian restaurant – owned by an Indonesian --- which makes the dishes not just authentic --- but very good.   When I find myself craving for home-cooked meals --- Talking tongues come top of mind.

My favorite dish is the Gado-Gado.  This apparently means – Mixed-Mixed.  Thus --- you can actually argue that this is Halo-Halo in Indonesian.  However – instead of the usual dessert that we are used to – Gado-Gado is a  Salad.  The closest Filipino dish to it is the Lumpiang Sariwa.   I would actually not be surprised if it turns out that our Lumpiang Sariwa was derived from Gado-Gado.

If you live or work within the Salcedo area.  Check it out.  It’s located along San Agustin Street very close to the corner of Rufino st.  Just a word of warning.  When the waiters ask you if you want it mildly spiced – just say yes.  We made a mistake the first time we ate there and found that their Mild – is actually hot enough for us.  We ordered Medium and as much as we enjoyed the food, we also ended up with burned tongues.

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