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Joikushop – Great Customer Experience

Blogger’s Note: I am re-posting this to share it with new readers of the blog.  I continue to use Joikuspot on my N97.  It turns my phone into a wireless router anywhere I go.  It’s a great application and I still can’t find an equivalent in other platforms ( iPhone or Android ).  So that’s a good start for a product.  However, what makes me a fan is the great customer experience they have given when I asked for it.  I work in Customer Service and this interaction is definitely one which I use to remind me how service should be given to customers.

Recently, I bought an N97. Prior to that I had an E63. When I bought my E63 - I was introduced to the software: Joikuspot. It's a software which turns my E63 into a hotspot. This was a great feature which allows me to surf the internet using my laptop or my iPod Touch by connecting it to the hotspot that the Joikuspot software enabled.

When I bought my N97, I wanted to port the software that I bought from E63 into the new phone. I contacted the Joikuspot customer support and within twelve hours, they responded. Their response:

1. They politely reminded me that the terms and conditions of the purchase indicate that purchasing the software indicates that it can only be used for that particular hardware. It can not be used for multiple hardware. It also means that it can't be transferred from one hardware to the other.

2. Even with this fine print - they deactivated my previous license number for the E63 and they gave me a new one for N97. This means that even with the fine print that I obviously ignored, they were willing to provide me a new license so I can continue to use their software with my new phone.

3. They ended the communication by providing the rationale behind this policy. They also reminded me that the next time this happens --- I would have to buy a new license.

Why I like the interaction:

1. The e-mail response was quick.

2. The correspondence was very professional.

3. They were willing to give an exception to me which made me feel special.

NOTE: I do think that it's unfair that the consumers can not port their software from one hardware to the other. But I don't think that's Joikushop's fault. I think that's actually a legislative question. In fact I think I should research it because maybe Joikushop maybe in violation of a consumer rights provision. However --- for me it doesn't matter because they still gave me a new license which is what matters at this time.

I am hoping that all customer support experience is as pleasant as my experience with Joikushop.