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Macchiato – Midori’s Big Bro

Midori is the Royal Canine of the House of Queens but she is not our first dog.  Our first Beagle is Macchiato.  He’s a male Beagle who is roughly half a year older than Midori.  The two of them might look alike but they definitely have different personalities.

Macchiato is like a baby boy – who needs to be cuddled and who doesn’t mind being looked after all the time.   Which is why he suffers from Separation Anxiety.  At one point in time,  we had serious issues with his barking that we thought of finding him a new home.  Of course we couldn’t do that and we decided to keep him.

He doesn’t live in the House of Queens – because he is not fit for Condo living.  He lives in Marikina and has actually witnessed the Ondoy wrath.  I’m actually very thankful that the water levels did not reach his house.

You will hear more about Macchiato in future posts.  For now – here are some photos taken of Midori’s big bro: Macchiato.


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