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The Matter of National Pride

I recall that in one interview with Boy Abunda, he was asked if he is proud to be a Filipino.  I actually admired him for his response:  I am Proud to be a Filipino because I am a Filipino.  This notion actually stuck in my mind and it prompted me to ask myself the same question.  Even up to now,  I can confidently say that I can say the same thing:  I am Proud to be a Filipino because I am a Filipino.

The statement brings two inherent implications:  I am proud of who I have become and the life that I live.   I am also proud of being part of a Nationality who have individuals like me who contribute to its greatness.

I know that as a nation, we have a tendency to think that we are inferior.  This is brought about by more than 200 years of being a colony and being told that we are nothing.  This is why as a nation we hail people like Manny Pacquiao as a hero.   Someone like him proves to the rest of the world that we can be great.  What I am however enjoining everyone to realize is that hopefully, Manny and all the others like him, will inspire us to live great lives ourselves.   Let us not depend on others for greatness.   In everything we do - in our everyday lives - let us strive for that greatness.