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Memories of a Wolksvagen Beetle

My father was a medical representative.  That was his first job.  His brother was also a medcal representative.  I guess in their days,  the med-rep job is what the call center job is for today’s generation of new graduates.

One of the perks of the job is the company car – which is mainly used and needed as the med-reps go around their areas talking to doctors, clinics and pharmacies to convince them to have their drugs prescribed to the patients.   In our case, we actually had different cars.  One of those that brings a lot of childhood memories is the yellow Wolkvagen Beetle.

Whenever I see a Beetle – I remember my years of growing up in Laguna.  My father’s main assignment was Laguna and Quezon – so it just made sense for all of us to just live in San Pablo City Laguna – instead of us staying Manila.

I also remember the regular trips on weekends between Manila and San Pablo city.  Our Beetle – was not air-conditioned – as it is for the vintage Wolksvagens that you see on the road.  This was alright because unlike today, the heat was not oppressive,   My sister and I are seated at the back along with all of our pillows and blankets which we demanded we bring along since we could never sleep using other people’s blankets and pillows.

I also remember the time in one trip when a wild dog ran after our Beetle while we were plying the un-developed roads between Nasugbu and Laguna for one of our summer vacations.

Lastly – it brings memories of the sound that it makes --- which can be heard miles away as my sister and I await my father’s return from work.  Both of us expecting some treats from my Father – which is usually a pint of Magnolia Ice cream.