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Merienda Cena at C2

Filipinos eat all the time.  If I count the number of times I set aside daily to grab onto something to eat,  I can count at least six.  One of these meals is Merienda Cena.  I don’t know what this Spanish phrase meant but when I googled it,   I found someone claiming that it’s equivalent to high tea.  I somewhat agree with that definition but high tea usually consists of pastries and very light meals, for me a Merienda can occasionally be a heavier than the pastries and biscuits that the English serve for high tea.

You may ask what I might want to have for Merienda Cena.  Let me illustrate that by talking you through my latest visit to C2 Classic cuisine at Rockwell.

C2 is the place that I go to when I want to have a go on Filipino dishes but prepared with French culinary techniques.  They have mostly been successful in experimenting with traditional Filipino dishes.  Here are my favorites from their menu:


1.  Their Lumpiang Sariwa – It’s what you may call the equivalent of an open faced sandwich.  They don’t wrap the vegetables inside the lumpia wrapper.  Instead – they fry the lumpia wrapper into chips and serve them on the side. 

2.  Tokwa’t Baboy – I have always liked Tokwa – but I always order eat without it’s partner: pork.  It’s mainly because of the part that is usually used for it – which are the pigs ears.  I don’t like cartilage.   C2’s version is what I prefer – they use fried pork belly. 

3.  Capeng Barako – they serve it with Polvoron ( but I still prefer my mom’s recipe ).  They also give you condensed milk to use as a sweetener and creamer for this traditional coffee from Batangas.  The way it’s served is a fusion of Filipino and Vietnamese coffee experience – especially when you pour the condensed milk and it settles at the bottom.

4.  Biko Barako – I like Biko – especially when it has a lot of latik on top.  For the C2 version –they infused the lowly rice cake with molten hazelnut.  Definitely a must try.

5.  Satay Bagnet – this one is a mixture of Malay and Ilocano.  I love satay sauce – and I think I have already demonstrated my love for crispy pork belly.  I think this is the third dish with pork belly in it.  So when I saw this on the Menu – I knew I just had to try it.  I’m happy that I did.

6.  Bibingka Souffle – I dedicated one whole entry for this previously and I am highlighting it again.  This dessert I think is a good demo of what the Cravings group can deliver when they combine our home-grown cooking technique and the French culinary technique. 

These are my favorite merienda dishes.  Do you have a list of your favorite dishes you’d care to share?