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Midori Spayed

DSC02258 Spaying or as I now know is also called Ovario-hysterectomy is the procedure that female dogs go through to neuter them. For male dogs, the neutering process is one which we normally call castration. For dog lovers, we all know that this procedure is done out of love. It reduces the risk of our pets to a lot of diseases related to their reproductive organs. Statistically speaking - neutered dogs have longer life spans.

The prerequisite to Spaying is a blood test.  Spaying is not a risky procedure - but like any medical procedures, it has its risks. So it is recommended that the Vet evaluate if your pet does not have any conditions that may get complicated by the surgery. I was happy to hear that the blood test actually yielded positive results. Midori is very healthy.

DSC02266 Midori has gone through the surgery at 18 months of age. Male dogs typically get this done out-patient. Female dogs have to stay overnight at the Animal hospital. It's been months since Midori and I spent time apart - so I was a little bit apprehensive over leaving her with strangers overnight. However, I was told that it's best for her since they can monitor her conditions just in case there were complications in the surgery. The day after the surgery -  I picked her up from the hospital and she was her usual cheerful self although she had great difficulty moving around with the large Funnel-like E-Collar she was wearing.

Herewith are the Post-Surgical Precautions that was given by the Vet:

1. Midori may slightly be depressed and not be herself for the next few days.

2. A decrease in appetite may also be observed. Appetite may return in a few days. Make sure to feed her in small amounts for the first few meals.

3. Avoid excessive activity. ( Ex. running and jumping. Ideally they should be in cage rest ).

4. If bleeding occurs, apply pressure on the wound with a piece of gauze.

5. Please give the prescribed medications and keep the E-collar for 10 days.

6. Clean the wound daily with 10% Providone-Iodine solution.
We all feel sad for her because it seems like the E-Collar is really inconvenient to wear. But like all beagles, Midori seems to be able to retain a positive disposition even with this contraption.



For those who are interested in knowing how much we spent for spaying:
Blood Test - 2,500 Pesos
Anesthesia - 2,500 Pesos
Surgery - 7,500 Pesos
Other Medicines - 1,500 Pesos
TOTAL - 14,000 Pesos

It's not inexpensive - but at the risk of sounding like a MasterCard commercial --- knowing that we have reduced or eliminated the risk of Midori being sick or injured when attacked by a male dog, or being injured and sick if she accidentally gets pregnant --- That is just priceless.

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