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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's The Fairest of them All?

As a very young child, my beauty was actually noted not just by relatives but also by strangers.  I had fair skin, dark brown hair, and sported the cutest of baby outfits.  When I started to go to school, that beauty was overshadowed by my apparent brilliance in academics.  So as I grew up,  people started to think of me as the "Smart One" instead of referring to me as the "Fair and Beautiful one".

I didn't really mind being seen as the smart kid. In our family,  there's a lot of value placed on being smart.  So from being the beautiful child I developed into the awkward adolescence who sported very thick eye glasses, slightly darker skin, gaunt face from being thin, and pock-marked face from the pimples that came with growing up.

Today, the glasses are gone and replaced with contact lenses.  A large part of the pimples are gone but my face will forever have the scars from those years.  And instead of being gaunt and thin,  I have managed to gain some weight and even some muscle in the right areas  from years of working out.  The awkward years are definitely just memories.

These days - I still ask myself - would I rather be cute or smart?   Most often than not - my response is: "I can't answer that question - but I'm thankful that I'm both."