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My Favorite Blogger Tools

Blogging has been made easy by a lot of the free applications available to the public.  Today, one can publish all types of content from the simple text, to pictures, short movies, or even podcasts.  Sometimes, a blog entry can actually be a combination of all three.   For an amateur blogger like me,  there are actually three tools that I use.

1.  Windows Live Writer
WindowsLiveWriter This is a free application from the Windows Live suite.  I stumbled upon the application when I was looking for a Blog editing tool which I can use to compose a blog offline – for publishing at a later time.  I’m telling you – if you are a Microsoft Office user, switching to this program to compose your blogs will be easy.  My blogs typically are not just pure text – and the default editor that comes with the blogs are too cumbersome to use.  With the Live writer, copying and pasting non-text contents like Links, pictures and videos becomes fast and easy.   It also allows you to post it to different blog platforms.  I use blogspot – and the interface between blogspot and the writer is seamless.

2.  Picasa
Picasa Picasa had always been the default application for managing my digital albums.  There are other applications equivalent to Picasa. Microsoft has it’s own counterpart.  However – Picasa provides an interface that just matches my needs.  The tools that I always use are the following: 1)  Picture editing – especially saturating the colors for Photos for my Food Blog and 2) Creating Photo Collages.

3.  Windows Live Movie Maker
vista-movie-maker,F-Y-78334-13 This is another Free application from the Windows Live suite.  I have been taking movie clips from my N97 and had been posting them in YouTube.  Previously – movie editing was not easy.  Moreover, those that are easy to use are expensive.   With the Movie Maker,  editing the clips, rearranging the, adding music and captions become child’s play.   Moreover – it actually has a YouTube plugin which makes it even simpler to publish the video online.
Do you have a blog?  What tools do you use to make blogging easy?

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