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My Favorite iPod Touch Applications

I still have my iPod Video.  However, I have not been using it and it’s on loan to one of the House of Queens room mates.  It was a great MP3 player.  However, when I got my iPod Touch last year,  I could not look back.  I definitely think that it’s one of the best gadgets ever made.  I know that iPhone users are saying: Wait till you get an iPhone.  Yes – I agree – I’m missing out on the applications that the iPhone can provide coming from its Phone Capabilities and its Camera.  However – I think the iPhone’s Phone capabilities and Camera are just too second rate compared to its counterparts.   This is why I still prefer the iPod Touch over the iPhone.

On this post, I share my favorite iPod Touch Apps which sit on the gadgets’ home screen.  These are the applications which I use over and over again.  BTW – the PRINT SCREEN utility of the iPod Touch ( and the iPhone ) is another magical utility that I wish other gadgets have.   It just made this blog post so easy to create.

IMG_0292 1.  Bejewelled
It took me almost half a year to decide to purchase the iPod version of this application.  I’m a fan of the game in Facebook but the MISER in me thought that 2.99 USD is just too much to spend on the gadget.  Two months ago – out of a moment of weakness, I decided to buy the application.  Now – I spend hours playing the game.  The game is just so much better with the help of the capacitive touch screen.  I’ve broken previous records which I thought I could never break.

IMG_0295 2.  Facebook
Facebook applications on other gadgets are lame.  The only Facebook app that can provide the functionality of Facebook via the browser is the iPod version.  In this version,  I can view all types of newsfeeds.   Uploading photos is a lot easier and navigating through the different pages is a breeze.  One added bonus is the fact that I can upload content to the PAGE that I administer ( example the fan page of Midori ) using the application.  In other gadgets’ Facebook application,  I can’t even see my fan pages.

IMG_0293 3.  Tweetdeck
I never used the desktop version of Tweetdeck.  However – the free version of Tweetdeck on iPod is sweet.   Note that I have Twitter applications in my other gadgets.  I use Gravity on the N97 ( which is not free ).  I use Seesmic on the HTC hero.  However --- out of all of these apps – Tweetdeck still rules.  The panes – for the different accounts that I manage just provide an intuitive interface to viewing your Twitter Streams --- for the other apps – you would have to go back to the previous screen – just to get to other accounts.   And did I mention that it’s free?

IMG_0294 4.  iBear Money
There are two expense tracking softwares on my iPod Touch.  Both of them are not free.  What actually made me switch to iBear Money is its simple interface and the fact that I am able to track – not just my cashflow – but I can actually track my assets and my liabilities.   For accountants – I know that you would not be using this --- but for me --- I also found the ability to enter NEGATIVE amounts on the entries helpful.   For 4.99 USD ( at least when I bought it ) … it definitely has been a great addition to my iPod Touch experience.

So there goes my top Ipod Touch Applications.  I have other note worth apps on the gadget – but these are the ones that I use over and over again.

If you’re an iPod Touch fan ( or even iPhone fan ) – which applications are your favorites?.

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