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Taking Pleasure in Our Daily Walk

DSC01990Midori and I walk everyday for at least forty minutes.  We do it in the morning after I get off from work.  We seldom miss it and if we do, it will most probably be because I had to stay later than usual at work.

This is an important time for us.  It is the time when I can reinforce good walking habits for Midori.  She has to follow my lead and not the other way around.  Those who have dogs will know that one of the first things that the dogs would have to learn is that the Owner is the Pack Leader.  Pack Leaders always walk ahead of everyone else.  Those dog owners who have problematic dogs usually let their dogs walk ahead of them and end up with disobedient pets.

The Daily walk is also our time to exercise.  I go to the gym three times a week and those sessions are primarily weight training sessions.  Walking with Midori is my cardiovascular supplement.  For Midori – this walk gets our heart rate up and tires her out so she does not end up with extra energy which can be destructive.  This physical activity also keeps Midori’s body weight in check.   It is not good to have an obese dog.

These practical reasons for the daily walk are actually the add-on perks.  Fundamentally though, these walks allow me to quiet my mind after a busy day at work.  It is a ritual that I do for myself as well for Midori.

Do you have a daily ritual that you also follow?  I’d be interested to hear about it.