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What I Can Learn from Midori

Midori is my two year old Beagle.  I got her for my Birthday two years ago.  I was never a dog person growing up.  In fact, like most Filipinos, I was actually afraid of dogs.  Now – I can’t get enough of them.

Midori and I actually have a lot in common.  We are pretty good company – always approaching everything with a positive attitude and very loyal to the people we love.

There are I must say – some things that I think I can still learn from Midori and how she lives her life.   These are the things that I can learn from Midori – the Beagle:


1.  Make the First move – I have always been shy.  I don’t make the first move and I think this is why I am still single.  Those who make the move on me – are not necessarily my type.  Those that are my type – I never had the courage to approach.

2.  Sleep is important – Midori can’t be bothered when she is asleep.  I’m not like that – I actually end up sacrificing sleep just to have some fun.

3.  Eat what is served – Midori eats what is served for her meals.  She wasn’t always like that.  However – I think she realized that food is most important as source of nutrition.  Therefore, she always makes it a point to eat the food that we give her.

4.  Give back the love – When I pet her, Midori always shows her affection back by licking my hand.  These are special moments for us.   Special bonding time when I actually feel closest to her.

5.  Alone Time is Important – Midori – like all Beagles are pack dogs.  Therefore they crave for company.  However, there are times when you will find her lying down on the corner away from all of us in the House of Queens.  I don’t know if dogs contemplate about life – but it certainly does look like Midori does some reflection during those alone times.

Do you have a pet?   Are there things that you have learned from your pet that you’d care to share?

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