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Breaking the Habit


It’s been a couple of weeks since I picked up a cigarette.  I didn’t plan to quit.  It just happened. 

A couple of weeks ago,  I got sick.  Something I ate didn’t agree with my tummy and I had to skip work for extreme stomach ache.  It turned out that I had gastro-enteritis.  Therapy for my ailment was quick and easy.  One side effect of it though is my inability to smoke.  Every time I tried to pick up a stick of cigarette I ended up with a sick tummy.  So I stopped smoking.

It is now 14 days since I got sick and up to now, I have not smoked.  I am happy about it.  I have actually been meaning to quit smoking for such a long time now that this is a welcome change.

I have gone through the test of my wills.  I hung out at the smoking Veranda at our office and I didn’t smoke.   I went on a drinking binge the other night and I didn’t smoke.  I had big meals and I didn’t smoke.

So – now I congratulate myself for taking another step towards a healthier lifestyle.

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