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A Church for Eveyone?

Recently, there had been a lot of Tweets and blogs written around the position of the Catholic Church on a number of issues but mainly on the RH bill. On top of this is the recent declaration of some Catholic schools to seek exemption from the provision on an Education act banning schools from kicking out female students who get pregnant while enrolled in their institution.

Like most Filipinos, I was raised Catholic. I went to Church every Sunday. I went to two Catholic schools. I was an active member of religious organizations in those schools. Recently though, I have slowly turned away from the Church - more specifically Its religious ceremonies and more importantly some of its previously accepted dogmas. Obviously - the most important part of it is the Church's stand on homosexuals. I just can't reconcile the position that it's a sin to be Gay --- and that I am am therefore condemned to be in hell for accepting who I am. If it was indeed a sin to commit homosexual acts --- wouldn't it also be a sin to lie to myself and act heterosexually when I know that it's not what I was meant to be?

This position on sexuality has extended to other practices --- which also includes the position of the church of the women's right to choose, the ability to get a divorce, and to recognize that a child borne out of wedlock is as legitimate as any other child. My niece was born out of wedlock and part of the heartache for the family is the fact that some of the most prestigious Catholic Schools will not accept her. Truth be told that she is now studying in a Catholic School --- one which I have learned to have a more progressive stand on the issue. However --- one must ask --- why would the Church continue to hold on to the Dogma that using artificial contraceptives is not a sin? Contraceptives used responsibly can address a lot more of the issues that we face today --- especially that of poverty due to overpopulation. I am definitely not naive to think that family planning can solve the poverty problem that we face today. However - it is crucial part of it along with the ability to manage and share the resources across the populace.

In College, when the controversial topics around the previous actions of the Church in history like the Inquisition, book burning, and the excommunication of men of science; we were told that the Church is a pilgrim Church. This means that the Catholic Church continues to reflect on key issues that the world faces today and accept the fact that its an institution of God run by men. Therefore, the acts of the men who run the church is not infallible. Although, this is definitely contradicted by another dogma: that the pope is infallible.

I am truly disappointed over the position of the Church on these issues. I am wondering if in my lifetime, I will see it progress to see the truth behind who we are as men. I hope that in the future, the Church will start to accept homosexuality and stop calling me an abomination.

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