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Crate and House Training Char Siew

It’s the fourth day of Char Siew with us in the House of Queens.  We have learned very good lessons from raising Midori – and one of them is around house and crate training.

DSC03757Crate Training is important for Char Siew because this will allow us to keep the little puppy out of harms way when we are not around to watch him.  When Midori was growing up, it was very difficult to get her crate trained because we actually made the mistake of taking her out of the crate when she barked.  Midori is a Beagle and even as a puppy her barks resonate in the whole house and we would have been in trouble with the neighbors if we let her continue to bark.  Char Siew on the other hand makes a very soft yipping sound.  Moreover,  he is still very impressionable and a loud voice or a loud sound is enough to make him stop.

Since Char Siew is being crate trained,  house training also becomes simpler.  To avoid having him get into accidents in the house, he is inside the crate when we are not watching.  He’s a puppy,  so he naps all the time.  Every hour and a half,  he wakes up and the first thing that we do is take him downstairs and let him take care of business.   When he successfully eliminates outside – he gets a lot of praise from us.
We’re still on our fourth day --- and I’m actually making sure that Midori and Char Siew’s nanny follow instructions closely.  I’m sure that in a month’s time,  Char Siew will be perfectly house trained and we will have a well-behave puppy.

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