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Dating Diary Entry - Year 2006

I am currently watching a replay of Sex and The City - E: True Hollywood Story. I've actually seen this episode at least half a dozen times but every time I watch it - I get hooked. If you have been living under a rock for the past decade - the show is about women in New York and their stories of looking for love in the Big Apple. The stories can either be outrageous, heartwarming, heartbreaking, funny, scary, weird. This inspired me to think of my own experiences looking for sex, love, hook-up, date in Manila.

Top most in my list is my experience back in 2006. I seriously can't remember the guy's name. I can only remember that I met him in one of those Sing-Along bars. He was one of the cute waiters and like many waiters in these places - they will readily give their phone numbers to their patrons. It's part of what most queens go to those places for.

The next day - I sent him an SMS and got no response. I assumed that it was actually because he was not interested. Two days after, I did receive a response. Apparently, he lost his job on the night that I met him. It was his first night as a waiter and apparently - even if my friends and I enjoyed being served by him - the owner of the bar thought he was too slow and not fit or the job. That is why he wasn't able to respond.

We decided to meet again. We went out with my friends. I didn't get a good look of him but in bright lights - he is really good looking and has a slight resemblance to one of the Gutterez twins - the good looking one. We continued contact after that and one time --- he could not text back because he didn't have load. I didn't know how to pass load and I wanted to continue texting with him so I decided to just buy him 300 pesos worth of load.

He was very grateful over the amount of load he had especially since it was the first time that he got that much in his SMS credits. It was worth more than 50 pesos. We continued to exchange messages and I learned that he is one of eight children. He lives with his relatives in Manila.

Growing up, I have heard stories of many gay men who became "Sugar-Daddies" for their lovers. In many cases - it started out that way but it then turns into a loving relationship afterwards. With this encounter, those stories came to mind. So I did recognize that sending him that otherwise insignificant amount of money through the load may have been a mistake.

The long and short of it is that we went out again ... had some fun ... and then I stopped replying to his text messages. For me that date had a lot of potential but a big part of me was still very cautious. I can feel attracted to younger men who have no money but it ends there. I refuse to entertain the fantasy of it being a relationship because as much as I want to be in one, I also want to protect my bank account.

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