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Midori and Char Siew trying to Peacefully Co-exist

We are trying to establish peace and order in the House of Queens.  The introduction of Char Siew in the household requires training for Midori and the rest of the Queendom to ensure the safety of both dogs.  Char Siew is a Shar-Pei.  Shar-Peis do not naturally like being with other dogs.  On the other hand,  Midori is a Beagle – whose pack mentality is very strong.  They like other dogs and they want order in their pack.

From day 1, we knew about this difference and we tried to manage it and even consulted a dog behaviorist over e-mail.  The Dog behaviorist thinks that the dog would be fine.  I told myself – if the expert thinks the dogs are fine – then they must be ok.

We continue to observe the interaction between the two dogs.  Their wrestling seems to be progressively active.  We don’t let these wrestling matches last long.  Most of the time we stop it when Midori successfully pins Char Siew down and it seems like she is strangling him to death.  We then place Char Siew in his crate and we make Midori stay in a corner.

Part of the effort to keep the peace and order are their daily walks together and five minutes of staying side by side.   These are what the experts say in the internet.  Right now – I’m just hoping that all of these will work.


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