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Filipino Food at Mesa

One of our corporate headquarter boss is in town.  Prior to his arrival, he already indicated that he wanted to try Filipino food.  We actually have a lot of restaurants serving Filipino food but Regina and I know of a couple of them which got good reviews: Cafe Juanita and Mesa.  Cafe Juanita is at the Fort Bonifacio – so we thought that for this visit – we will take our guests to Mesa.

Our overall review --- you will definitely not be disappointed with a dining experience at Mesa.  They have interesting dishes – and they have a good cook/chef.   We ordered half a dozen dishes – and all of them were cooked well and seasoned properly.   We actually have different favorites.  Personally, my favorite is the Catfish served in a soup spoon.  It is like your catfish salad – but with an interesting presentation.


Our guests loved the two ways Krisp-chon.  One way is like your Peking Duck wrap.  The other way is it prepared and sauteed with Garlic and Chili.   They prefer the Sauteed version.


Other noteworthy dishes include their appetizer sampler.   If you like Calamari – you should try Mesa’s calamari.  You should also try the Prawns cooked in Coconut curry.  Yummy!

An interesting dish is the Standing Chicken.  I have a picture here showing the chicken … it is a modification of the SEATED chicken ( or pinaupong manok ).  Our guests think it’s actually a HUNG chicken.  Although interesting – this was not in our favorites.  It’s still seasoned and cooked well – but nothing extraordinary.


The clincher here is the price of the meal.  We actually paid 3,200 pesos for the meal.  With – half a dozen dishes ordered including the lechon and the roasted chicken --- that’s definitely a good price.

I hate to add on the negative side --- but I do want to say this.  Service requires some improvement.  I think I had to ask twice for things.  At one time I asked the Restaurant manager to change our plates after the appetizer --- it never came – and that was the Restaurant manager.  I asked for the bill twice.   I also heard the table next to us complaining that they ordered dishes that never came.   From our end – we pre-ordered the Krisp-chon and a fish dish --- and those two came out last.

I noted all of these on the improvements required on service – but as my guest observed – I’m just a snob.  He was actually a happy camper after the meal. For Regina and I – that’s actually what we wanted to hear.   BTW – he insisted on paying – and I guess the price is definitely a winner too.

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