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Gadget Ready with the Tough 8010

h1_img[1]Our first camera purchase was made during our first trip to Thailand.  On the second day, we dropped the camera and broke it.  We then had to buy a new Camera to capture for the pictures for the rest of that trip.  Looking back at that experience,  I am thankful that I now have a camera which is shock proof ( for at most 2 meters ).  This is helpful especially since I am such a klutz.  There are already a number of brands with the same feature  but I selected the Olympus Tough 8010.

Apart from being shock-proof,  the camera is also water-proof which  means that it’s perfect for our upcoming vacation to Palawan.  We are planning to maximize the snorkeling opportunities that Coron, Palawan has to offer and we did not want to worry about a non-water proof camera while we were having fun in the water.

The Olympus Tough 8010 is a point and shoot camera with some  of the latest features that a camera can offer.  It has 14 megapixels and 5x optical zoom.  I don’t care much about the number of megapixels since I am not planning to maximize the sizes of my photos.  However – the 5x optical zoom is definitely going to be helpful in capturing images with moderate distance.  It also has more than a dozen scenes that can help an amateur photo-taker ( I refuse to call myself a photographer ).

The feature which excites me most is the ability to take high-speed sequence photos.  If you have not noticed yet,  most of the photos that I take are of my dogs.  Taking photos of the dogs can be challenging and sometimes, I miss the perfect moment to capture them  in their most adoring poses because they move a lot.  With the high sequence photo shots – as they move,  I will be able to capture their movement.

To visualize the high-sequence photo-shots,  here is a sample of photos I took while testing the camera at the mall.  This is a slide show of 16 photos.  I can just imagine how much fun the dogs and I are going to have with this feature.  I will definitely add sample photos of the dogs once I take them.

There are other features worth mentioning for the Olympus Tough 8010 and as I capture the features in action ( or should I say still? ) I will share them with you.

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