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House of Queens meets Siomai House

I don’t eat street food.  My mom discouraged us heavily from eating street food.  Growing up – I remember my siblings and I would think that buying Ice Scramble, fish-balls and barbecue from the street vendor is like eating the forbidden fruit.  So yes – we occasionally did live on the edge and disobeyed mom’s strict orders.

As a grown up,  we learned the hard way that there is wisdom to what my mom practices.  My sister caught something from eating isaw and from then on she also suffered from gastroenteritis.   So as adults --- we now don’t like eating street food no matter how good it looks.

This weekend,  I had an exception to this rule --- I met SioMai house and found it too tempting.  Boy – this SioMai is good.  A friend told me that this food stall is one of the best selling food stall in Luzon.  You should try it next time.  They only sell SioMai --- but the SioMai is something you will surely come back for over and over again.


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