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I Have a New Baby


At Animal House, we were waiting for Macchiato’s turn for his regular check-up.   Macchiato has a lot of skin allergies which needs to be monitored by the doctor so he lives a normal un-itchy life.  While waiting for his turn, a litter of Shar Peis were brought it by a man and his daughter.  They caught my attention because they were so cute.  I didn’t have any plans of getting another baby – but I guess it was love at first sight.  Right then and there, I offered to get one of the puppies.

We named him Char Siew because we think he looks like a Char Siew Pao.   Midori is just starting to get used to the idea of having another dog in the house.  Of course – even with a new baby,  Midori remains to be the queen of the house.