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I’m Going to Disneyland


I’ve been to Disneyworld in Orlando Florida twice.   I made the trip as an adult.  However, for those couple of days, I seem to have been transformed into a child.  I remember growing up watching the Mickey Mouse Club and hoping against hope that my family can make the trip.

Back then – the closest Disney resort was Tokyo.  Today – the closest is in Hong Kong.  This of course was welcomed by young and old Filipinos.  The adults remembering that like me, they wanted to go but could not afford the trip to Japan or the US.   And as adults now – they would want to take their children or nephews and nieces.   This dream is a lot more reachable that it is no just a one hour flight away.

In July – I have a planned trip to Tokyo.   Our itinerary has not been finalized.  However – we are actually thinking seriously about going to Disneyland Tokyo to claim an unfulfilled childhood dream.