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Long and Winding Road to Talisay

We took a long and Winding Road down from Tagaytay to Talisay.  It was an almost half hour ride.  There were times when we were worried that bandits will stop our car and there was no way for us to escape.  Thoughts of land slides also came to mind.

We reached the foot of the crater safely.  We drove through Talisay and looked for the heritage houses.  We were unsuccessful. 

We decided to just take the Star Highway back to Manila instead of driving back uphill through that same long and winding road.

Tagaytay1 Tagaytay2 Tagaytay3 Tagaytay4


  1. Hi! Nice blog!.. off topic- are there 'pakaskas' vendors in Talisay? .. Thanks!

  2. There were no 'pakaskas' vendors.
    In fact, we didn't see a lot of vendors especially since the long winding road was mostly deserted. When you reach the foot of the road - what you will see are hawkers - encouraging you to take the boat tour to the volcano.

    There are a lot of "tawilis" vendors though. I know it's not what you're looking for but Talisay is known for that fish.

  3. @astrow - I forgot to thank you for visiting the blog. I hope it's not the last time. :D.

  4. Hello! I plan to drive along that road on weekends and I AM A NEW DRIVER. How will you rate the difficulty? How's the slope uphill? I am scared to drive when there are "hanging" parts, you know.

  5. This road is definitely not for a new driver. Judging from your comment you re driving a car with manual transmission. You will have a hard time. If you are planning to go to Talisay, just use STAR highway to get to Talisay.