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Makati Requires Dogs to be Registered

We did not know that Makati has filed a city ordinance requiring dogs to be registered.  The deadline is on April 17 and we discovered it just last week.  I don’t really have issues with this requirement – however – I do have issues with the prerequisite to get the dogs registered.

Registration requires a certificate of vaccination – specifically for Rabies.  Apparently,  in the Philippines,  the law requires dogs to be vaccinated every year.  However, if you ask the manufacturer of the Rabies vaccines – they should actually be good for three years.   I think the law is irresponsible and should really take into consideration the medical opinion that too much vaccination is dangerous to Animal health.

I also read the provision on stray dogs.  The city will capture stray dogs and if unclaimed in 48 hours,  they are going to either a) look for someone to adopt them, b) euthanize them, c) or donate them for scientific studies.  Clearly – our laws – as much as they intend to be humane to animals ( like this same ordinance have multiple provisions for protecting their rights ) --- still has provisions on it which opens them to abuse.  Why would they donate these dogs for scientific studies?  They are better dead than kept alive for horrible testing.

As I indicated in the earlier paragraph – the law largely protects animal rights.  They also make sure that the owner is responsible for their pet.  It also discourages breeding for profit.  Last thing to note is that it outlaws sale of dog and ( possibly cat ) meat.  So I do commend the city of Makati for passing t law but I really hope they amend it to remove the provision on donating the dogs for scientific studies.

BTW – they also encourage owners to neuter or spay their dogs.  They offer discounts to owners on fees for dogs who are spayed.  Discounts are minimal amounts but it’s definitely towards the right direction.  I’ve heard so many times that it is sayang to have Midori spayed.   I still think it’s the right decision for Midori and the thousands of homeless animals who get thrown out by their owners because they realize they can’t handle them.

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